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Groundworks in Weybridge | A Brief Guide to Our Trade

In our role as reputable groundwork contractors in Weybridge, D & K Groundwork Contractor Ltd performs a complete range of services for domestic customers and commercial clients. As a leading name for the trade in the region, we recognise that the term “groundworks” covers a broad selection of possible work; so broad, in fact, that it can become confusing to those approaching it for the first time. From concrete laying to foundation installation to drainage preparation, we strive to make the twists and turns of groundworks easier to understand.


As such, we have created a brief guide to groundworks below, a starting point for anybody looking into hiring groundwork contractors for their project in the Weybridge area.



As a bespoke service provided by groundwork contractors, no two groundworks projects are the same. However, one thing unites them all: groundworkers are invariably the first tradesmen on sites in Weybridge and the surrounding areas. Construction projects move through various phases, but they all need solid foundations upon which to build the structure. That’s where services like foundation installation, drainage preparation and concrete laying come in. These groundworks provide an essential first step.


Before even our own primary services, however, we must create a safe, stable entrance to the site and carry out any site clearance, providing this step hasn’t already been taken. This involves laying a hard base for access, site storage and deliveries throughout the construction process.


With the basics for the site created, our groundwork contractors then strip the topsoil, storing it for reuse later on. We then set out the proposed building to suitably positioned profiles, again presuming this isn’t performed by a surveyor or architect. Our team then marks out the centre line of the dig.


Next, we begin the excavation process, digging out foundation installation trenches to the required depth. We then clean and bottom-out these trenches before positioning level pegs to mark the top level for concrete laying.


Following this, we pour and lay the concrete for footings before placing the foundation blockwork to damp proof course level. During this foundation installation process, we also conduct certain drainage preparation tasks such as installing drainage exit lintels as well as sleeving for services and cranked ventilators.


Having completed the foundation installation and drainage preparation, we then level out the subsoil in the oversite and backfill the trenches outside the building itself. From this point, we carry out various concrete laying services as required, including filling cavities.


For more information about how groundworks develop from this point on, and advice on your project in the Weybridge area, please contact us on the number below.

If you live in Weybridge and require the services of proven groundwork contractors, call 01483 893 102 or 07867 473 655.

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