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Foundation Installation in Cobham | How Deep Must Foundations Go?

In our role as locally trusted groundwork contractors in Cobham, one of the most frequent services we perform involves foundation installations. Naturally, this comes as no surprise; foundations remain one of the most vital aspects of any building project. Without the appropriate foundation installation and associated groundworks, the structure built on top of them would steadily, or rapidly, sink into the ground beneath. In even worse scenarios, poor foundations lead to a complete building collapse as a result of poor support. It goes without saying, these results are far from ideal.


Here at D & K Groundwork Contractor Ltd, we have the experience and expertise to bring any type of groundworks to completion on time and within budget. From concrete laying to drainage preparation, we carry out a complete range of services to meet the challenges posed by any Cobham-based project.


On this particular page, we focus on how deep we install our foundations, especially in relation to the type of soil found at sites in the local area.




As a general rule, the heavier a load placed on a structure, the deeper a foundation installation needs to go. In most cases, we use two types of foundations in our groundworks: shallow and deep. In our role as groundwork contractors, we usually use shallow foundations to support comparatively light weights in soils with an adequate load-bearing capacity.


In cases with much heavier loads, and/or where the ground cannot safely support the weight, we use deep foundations. Without the ability to transfer the load to the surrounding soil, we channel it into deeper foundations designed with a much greater load-bearing capacity.



At sites in Cobham with stony ground, our team carries out foundation installation work, as well as any accompanying drainage preparation or concrete laying, at a shallow depth. These usually come in the form of pad, raft, strip or trench-fill designs. Sites with clay, however, need deeper foundations, often around the 1-metre mark.


If the soil is truly suboptimal, we excavate to a depth in the region of 2.5 metres for greater stability. When working at these depths, our groundwork contractors tend to avoid shallow foundations, opting instead for piling or concrete rafts.



No matter what type of groundworks we undertake, be it a foundation installation, drainage preparation or concrete laying, the presence of moisture or water in the soil has a significant impact on the way our groundwork contractors operate. Generally speaking, we excavate down to a depth at which the moisture content becomes more stable.



As vastly experienced groundwork contractors, shrubs, trees and root networks have been a thorn in our side for a long time. Sites in Cobham with foliage in the vicinity require several unique approaches to ensure foundations and associated groundworks don’t receive any damage over the coming years.


We have developed multiple methods and approaches to handle these risks with the utmost effectiveness, ensuring that everything resulting from our foundation installation, concrete laying and drainage preparation work remains intact long into the future. These measures include utilising steel for reinforcement or digging to a much deeper depth to avoid contact.

To discuss foundations and their associated groundworks with reputable groundwork contractors in the Cobham area, call 01483 893 102 or 07867 473 655.

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