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Drainage Preparation in Claygate | Managing Sites with Poor Drainage

As vastly experienced groundwork contractors serving Claygate and the neighbouring areas, we fully understand the frustrations that come with poor drainage issues. As everyone well knows, we receive our fair share of rain in this part of the world, and if this wasn’t bad enough, the results tend to cause waterlogged front and back gardens. This has obvious issues in regard to access and aesthetics, but it also has the potential to kill plants and bring about long-term structural problems. As a locally trusted groundworks company with the ability to undertake anything from concrete laying to foundation installation and drainage preparation work, we have the expertise to find solutions for this common problem.


As groundwork contractors with a strong dedication to outstanding customer service, we have taken a closer look below at some of the root causes behind drainage issues at properties in Claygate.


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While the reasons leading to poor drainage come in multiple forms, compacted soil remains one of the most common. This issue in itself tends to come about as a result of building and construction work. Such projects involve the use of heavy equipment and powerful machinery, all of which exerts a huge amount of pressure onto the soil over a prolonged period of time. With the increased footfall factored-in too, the soil compacts, becoming less able to handle heavy rainfall.


During our time in the industry, we have also seen examples of irresponsible groundwork contractors allowing topsoil and subsoil to mix during projects such as foundation installation, concrete laying and drainage preparation. The resulting mixture produces a heavy plot that swiftly become overwhelmed during heavy rainfall.


In addition to human factors, natural causes also occur. These frequently come about due to the natural characteristics of the soil on sites in Claygate. For example, clay soils have the ability to retain a much higher volume of water when compared to others. What’s more, naturally occurring contours also have an effect. During our services as groundwork contractors, we regularly encounter water tables, a natural depression that collects water, in less developed, green areas.



One of the most reliable, simple and cost-effective ways to solve poor drainage issues at Claygate properties remains the installation of soakaways. These features have an appropriate name as they do exactly what you might think: soakaway excess water. Our groundwork contractors create soakaways by excavating large holes in the ground before filling them with either assorted debris like broken bricks or rubble, or specially designed crates. Regardless of the material, we always apply a depth of soil over the top for a seamless finish.


We install soakaways at the bottom of gardens so water can naturally flow in their direction. Needless to say, our excavation work remains at a safe distance from the results we create during drainage preparation, concrete laying and foundation installation work.


At sites with problematic topsoil, we take the initial measure of digging up the top 6 inches before replacing it. As far as solutions go, this remains one of the simplest and most cost-effective, making it ideal for any budget.


As time-served groundwork contractors with expertise spanning concrete laying, drainage preparation, foundation installation and an array of other groundworks, we take every measure necessary to ensure 100% client satisfaction.


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