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Foundation Installation in Basingstoke | An Introduction to Foundations

Even though they remain out of sight underground when a construction project comes to an end, foundations remain one of the most important elements of any structure. As such, it’s vital to choose highly-skilled, competent groundwork contractors like D & K Groundwork Contractor Ltd. Not only do we carry out foundation installation in line with soil conditions, but we do so to the most meticulous of specifications. With specialist groundworks services that include drainage preparation, concrete laying and much more, our clients in Basingstoke have the ultimate peace of mind.


As part of our commitment to our customers and clients, we have provided a brief introductory guide to the various foundation installation methods we carry out below.



Simple Foundations


The two most common forms of simple foundations that we use in Basingstoke, Epsom and the surrounding areas include:


Strip Foundation – This type of foundation installation involves placing as little solid concrete into trenches as possible, although it must have a minimum thickness of 250mm. Our groundwork contractors then build up to ground level with blockwork, where the walls duly switch to brick, stone or the chosen external cladding.


Trench-Fill Foundation – This type of foundation installation involves a greater amount of concrete laying. In fact, we fill the trenches with concrete to just below ground level. We then add a damp-proof course before fixing the ground floor onto the footings.


Engineered Foundations


In some cases, the ground at sites in Basingstoke and the neighbouring areas represents a challenge for foundation installations and associated groundworks like drainage preparation. When these situations arise, our groundwork contractors tend to dig deeper, usually to around 2.5m, to find more stable ground before installing much deeper foundations.


Any depth below this not only becomes a false economy due to the prohibitively expensive nature of concrete laying, but it also holds far more danger.


In these cases, the foundation installation usually takes one of the following forms:


Piled Foundations – The more common of the deeper foundations, piled designs have become an increasingly popular choice as their costs remain predictable. This helps with budgeting for other aspects of work like drainage preparation. The installation process involves driving piles into the ground, filling them with concrete and topping them off with a ground beam platform on which further construction takes place.


Raft Foundations – As its name suggests, a raft foundation involves the laying of a concrete raft designed to ‘float’ on the ground below it. The structure consists of an incredibly thick floor slab that has additional strength thanks to steel reinforcement. As an added benefit, this foundation installation also provides solutions for ground floors, not only wall trenching.


For high-quality foundation installation, drainage preparation, concrete laying and all manner of groundworks in the Basingstoke region, please don’t hesitate to speak with a member of our team.

If you would like to talk with experienced groundwork contractors about your project in Basingstoke, call 01483 893 102 or 07867 473 655.

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